A Gotham All His Own

Petaluma Batman is not fighting villains. But his mission is equally important: encourage people to do their best every day and boost their spirits


A Petaluma teen who dons a Batman outfit and roams downtown has become a local celebrity, with nearly 3,000 Facebook followers.

The Santa Rosa Junior College student, who won’t reveal his name, has been spotted around the Petaluma Historical Museum, the movie theater and other local spots with his black cape and mask.

Why does he do it?

“There’s a lot of tough stuff going on in the world, so I wanted to do something to boost people’s morale,” the young man told the Argus Courier.

Unlike the fictional character, Petaluma Batman does not fight bad guys. But he does have a sense of justice and says he wants to inspire goodwill among residents and show people that anyone can make a difference.

Local cops give Petaluma Batman a thumbs up when they spot him around town and girls have even burst into tears at the sight of him.

“When I’m not in my Petaluma Batman costume, I hear people talking about me a lot,” he told the Argus. “It’s weird, but I’m glad I have been able to entertain people and lift their spirits.”

To read more about Petaluma Batman, pick up a copy of this week’s Argus Courier.


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