It's Girl Scout Cookie Season

Don't miss out on your favorite Girl Scout cookie! Here's where to find your favorite, and a poll to tell us what they are!


It's that time of year again. Everyone looks forward to purchasing a box or two of Girl Scout Cookies during the annual sales, this year from February 13 to March 18. And everyone has their favorite kind - Do-Si-Dos, Savannah Smiles, Thank U Berry Munch and many more. What's yours? Take our poll below and let us know!

As the Girl Scouts of America celebrate their hundredth year of existence, here are a few thoughts to ponder as you enjoy your favorite cookies (you can’t have just one!) with a tall glass of milk.  

The Girl Scout have been selling cookies since 1917. Girl Scouts originally baked cookies from a standard recipe in their kitchens and sold the cookies to neighbors to finance their troop’s activities.

During World War II when flour and sugar, the basic ingredients for cookies, was rationed, the Girl Scouts stopped selling cookies and switched to calendar sales until 1948. Then cookie sales resumed and bakeries started baking the now iconic Girl Scout Cookies.

Why sell cookies? When Juliette Gordon Low started the first Girl Scout troop in the United States, in Savannah on March 12, 1912, she modeled it after the United Kingdom’s Girl Guides. She wanted her Girl Scouts to develop courage, confidence and character to help them become professional women in art, sciences and business. Many of today's most accomplished women in the United States were Girl Scouts.

So how do sales of these tasty treats empower girls? Cookie sales develop decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics all with adult guidance.

Liz is a great example of this entrepreneurship. A member of a local girl scout troop, she knows how to market her product, she's knowledgeable about all of her cookies, she encourages friends to help her at her booth, she has a goal and would like to exceed her sales of 550 boxes last year, and she is aware of how her booth sales will help the troops community projects.

With her bubbly personality, Liz exudes enthusiasm  as she excitedly talks about her seven year involvement with Girl Scouting. She has worked her way from Daisy, Brownie to Girl Scout. Her troops have donated to the Humane Society and adopted families over the holidays.

Girl Scouts has evolved over time, but the basic core of beliefs developed by Juliette Gordon Low in 1917 has not changed. Happy 100th Birthday to the Girl Scouts of America!

Click here to locate cookie booth sales in Novato, and go here to learn all about Girl Scout Cookies.

Sue McQuinn February 22, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Check out the Friday, Feb. 24,Girl Scout Cookie Sales held at Safeway on Diablo.


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