Occupy Petaluma Launching Foreclosure Vigils, Profiled in SF Chronicle

Lynn Woolsey calls group "a breath of fresh air" that may serve as a model for other Occupy movements around the country

Since launching last October, Occupy Petaluma has made foreclosures a central issue. The group urged the City Council to pass a holiday moratorium on foreclosures and have worked with banks to help numerous homeowners modify their mortgages to make payments more affordable.

In the next chapter of the group’s response to the foreclosure crisis, Occupy Petaluma has declared the entire town a "Foreclosure Prevention Zone" and have already began putting out signs all over Petaluma. That will allow the group to speak to lending institutions with "a unified voice to request assistance in our common struggle to keep people in their homes," according to Occupy's site.

And later this month, the group will begin holding foreclosure vigils around town. The goal is to “gather together to share our stories and discuss solutions...and raise awareness about the destructive effects of the foreclosure crisis on our community."

The first vigil has been scheduled for 2pm on Saturday, February 19 at Walnut Park. Click here for more details.

Also check out a story in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle that profiles Occupy Petaluma, in which Rep. Lynn Woolsey praises the group for having a “very pragmatic, respectful, solution-oriented approach" and serving as a model for other Occupy groups that there are way to have a win-win.”

What do you think? Will declaring Petaluma a Foreclosure Prevention Zone help keep residents facing foreclosure in their homes? Sound off in the comments.

LongTimeLocal February 06, 2012 at 10:21 PM
Useless waste of time. And stop messing with the Seed Bank by blocking their entrance - they sell seeds not mortgages. If you can't afford a property, don't buy it, and if circumstances change, yes, a compassionate approach will help, but moving out via foreclosure may be the best solution - pre-foreclosure even better, so focus on working with the banks on a viable exit strategy. But this bunch of folk trying to represent anyone? Seriously?
Go Occupy! February 07, 2012 at 12:14 AM
You're an idiot longterm, the Seed Bank entrance is not blocked and you keep pretending that you somehow speak for them. You don't. It is a public sidewalk. You should be howling at the city to widen the sidewalk. And your comments on foreclosures are pure drivel. You are a big part of what is wrong in America today.
LongTimeLocal February 07, 2012 at 05:32 AM
Glad you're back on form GOP. Looks pretty obstructed to me, which is, incidentally illegal, and extremely inconsiderate. Are they part of the 1% you like to try to punish? The key is sideWALK. Besides which, why would you advocate making their business harder? Don't pay your bills = you get foreclosed on or services cut off. Then again you prefer that we live in a communist state so there's no reasoning with you
George Barich April 26, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Well said. Plus, widening the sidewalk when there isn't even money to fill the potholes is hilarious. Sure, widen the sidewalks, with money borrowed from China, via the Obama Administration, reduce parking spaces, narrow the roadways so only electric golf carts and bicycles can traverse through, condemn our private property through more eminent domain, and get us all onto public transportation. The eco-agenda is clear. Where is Occupy Petaluma now? Can someone explain what it is they are occupying? I don't pay my taxes and go to work everyday as men and women die for our freedoms abroad to let some communist freeloaders have the last word. I am done with thirty years of turning my back and ignoring them, appeasing them, and keeping my mouth shut. The 99% of us have had enough of this insanity.


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