St. Vincent's Completes Renovations

Improvements include new pews, heated floors and a newly painted interior

Last week, St. Vincent’s completed a three-month long renovation, replacing pews, putting in new carpet and heated floors at the downtown church, the spiritual home of more than 2,500 Catholic families.

The work was the latest in a series of improvements that began in 1992 to restore and maintain the church built in 1927.

“The work our parishioners have done over twenty years reflects not only their love of their church but also the awareness of the responsibility they have to care for this unique and beautiful shrine that was bequeathed to them, so that it can continue to serve, inspire, and nurture future generations,” said Father Gary Lombardi.

The latest improvements also replaced the front facing altar, repainted the interior and put in a new sound system, all to the tune of about $400,000.

Some have criticized the heated floors as excessive, but Lombardi said piping in heating from the floor was necessary in light of an old, steam-based system that was frequently out of order.

"It was 80 years old and always breaking down. Instead of taking it apart and having to potentially deal with asbestos (in the walls), we decided to modernize," he said.

The improvements were unveiled at a Thanksgiving Day Mass.

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