Youth Ecology Corps Seeking Volunteers

Upcoming work projects will remove invasive species and plant trees along local waterways.

Hey Petaluma teens!

Get outdoors and lend a hand to the local environment at one of Sonoma County Water Agency’s upcoming work days.

You will remove invasive plants and trash from local streams and creeks, and help plant shade bearing plants that improve habitat for steelhead trout and salmon. Who says learning about the local watershed can’t be fun?

The next upcoming work day is scheduled for December 8 at Washoe Creek in Cotati. After that, crews will converge January 12 to do native planting at Corona Creek near Sonoma Mountain Parkway and Corona Road.

The work days are part of Sonoma County Water Agency’s Youth Ecology Corps which seeks to give teens work skills while improving local habitats. Teens who participate in the program in the winter are given priority when applying for a summer job with the Ecology Corps.

For more information, contact Elece Hempel, executive director of Petaluma People Services Center at 707-765-8488.

raellen strong November 25, 2012 at 04:55 PM
What is the origin of this group? Is it federal? If so I'd like to know more, especially regarding any kind of environmental indotrination, etc. The EPA Is out of control & I wouldn't want to see our young people involved with organizations with a hidden agenda. Communities can have their own groups, based on the needs od the community & monitored by their own locals. I would just want to know more before sending children (so vulnerable) to some so-called ecology group. They are young parents can do these types of things with their children. I would just be cautious. Things aren't always what they seem & we don't need our children indotrinated into the fanatacism of the EPA.
Community Advocate November 26, 2012 at 03:19 PM
"The Sonoma County Summer Youth Ecology Corps, a partnership between the Sonoma County Water Agency and local nonprofits, provides minimum wage jobs for people ages 16-21. And this year, there was a major spike in applications." http://petaluma.patch.com/articles/youth-ecology-corps-provides-job-skills-employment-in-hot-months-of-summer


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