Fine Art, Live Music This Weekend at Walnut Park

Event feast for art lovers; supports art in the Petaluma schools

If you're an art lover, you're not going to want to miss this weekend's annual Art in the Park featuring more than 40 artists from Petaluma and the surrounding area.

The event will be held at Walnut Park 10-5pm.

”I just love seeing how art affects our community," said Pat Marshall, a member of the Petaluma Arts Association who has been involved with the event for over forty years. "Many of the artists will be doing demonstrations and this is an excellent opportunity for people to meet the artists directly, see what they do and buy a piece of art.”

Proceeds from Art in the Park are used to provide grants to schools that can be used for things like arts education, purchasing supplies or art-related field trips.  The Association also provides one $500 art scholarship to a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.

Some of the artists featured at this year’s Art in the Park include Dee Andreini (paintings), Edmond Bridant (photography), Lynn Davis (glass and bronze vases), Peggy Sebera (lanscapes), Susan Oshiro (glass) and Karen Spratt (surrealist paintings).  A preview of artists’ work is currently on display at Copperfield’s Books.

In addition to lots of art, the two-day event also features live music and, of course, the usual farmers market, open 2-5:30pm. This year’s musical line up includes The Rivereens, C Street Trio and High Class. 

Art in the Park runs Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-5pm at Walnut Park at Petaluma Blvd South and D Street.  Admission is free.

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Bookworm September 07, 2011 at 03:31 PM
Please learn the difference between EFFECT and AFFECT. Affect means to have an impact on. Effect, when used as a verb, means to bring into being. Examples: We were deeply AFFECTed by the beautiful music. The architect EFFECTed the change in the plans that the client requested. So "Art AFFECTS our community," means that art has an impact on our community. I don't think the speaker meant to say that our community was caused by art. - from a kid of the 50's, who had to learn English and grammar at school.
Karina Ioffee September 07, 2011 at 04:19 PM
thanks for catching to mistake. It has been corrected.


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