Dutra Acquires Second Largest Dredging Vessel in the Country

Won't be coming to Petaluma, but be used for projects around the country

The Dutra Group, which plans to build an asphalt processing facility in Petaluma, has acquired the second largest dredge hopper in the country, the company has announced. 

The purchase of the vessel, the Stuyvesant and which measures 372 feet long and 72 feet wide, marks a historic day for the company, according to President and CEO Bill Dutra.

“This ship will be a welcome addition to our fleet and its size will allow us greater flexibility in our operations," Dutra said in a statement.

The vessel won't be coming to the Petaluma River, but will be used around the country, including in the Gulf of Mexico, to clear waterways. It's currently based in Mobile, Ala. The company would not disclose the purchase price, citing proprietary information.

Dutra, based in San Rafael, has projects all over the country and has long been involved in dredging activities, including maintaining clear and navigable water channels, performing emergency repair work and conducting other activities in both the private and public sectors.  

Previously, Dutra owned the country's largest dredging vessel, called the Super Scoop.

Petalumasaurus January 04, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Almost makes you wonder if the previous owner needed relief from all the fines this boat ran up, including $6.71 million for the self-inflicted Humbolt whoops. http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ospr/NRDA/Stuyvesant.aspx Accidents happen.
Joan Cooper January 05, 2012 at 06:45 AM
Sounds like Dutra is plenty busy and shouldn't be planning on taking business away from local Sonoma companies BoDean and Syar. On Dutra's website, their plan for the Dutra Petaluma Asphalt factory: "taking trucks off the road" means taking BoDean's and Syar's trucks off the road, and maybe Shamrock's, too and substituting Dutra's trucks carrying Dutra's aggregate and asphalt.
Charlie Murphy January 05, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Yup, accidents do happen and Dutra is king of them. They've already had dozens of huge environmental disasters. Next up is Petaluma if they build their toxic factory. The plan for when asphalt plants go up in flames is to let them burn out, no water! What is going to do to our air, Shollenberger, and the river? What idiots to think that this location is suitable for a factory of this magnitude. This goes down as the most bought-off project in Petaluma.


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