Tribe Leader Presents “New and Novel” Argument for Rohnert Park Casino

“We created something that will indeed benefit Indian and non-Indian alike,” says Greg Saris, chairman of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

In hearings before the state Senate committee meeting regarding the compact between the Graton Rancheria Pomo and the State of California authorizing a casino to go forward under "urgent" status, chair man of the tribe Greg Sarris made his first public statements about the agreement, according to an article in the Press Democrat.

The tribal chairman of the Indian tribe that wants to build a Las Vegas-style casino outside Rohnert Park said Tuesday morning the controversial project will be good in a “new and novel way” for both the tribe and the North Bay.

"We created something that will indeed benefit Indian and non-Indian alike,” he said about the agreement by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The because of the developer's funding efforts. Station Casinos has been in bankruptcy proceedings since last year.

Although proponents of the argue it will bring more than 2,000 permanent jobs to the area, as well as 750-900 construction jobs while the casino is being built.

Opponents focused on potential impacts on traffic, groundwater and other einvironmental effects, as well as popular opposition. by the Stop the Casino 101 Coaltion said 68% were opposed to the project.

The compact requires the tribe to funnel $100 million into Sonoma County in its first seven years of operation, with more after that. The money would offset impacts on the environment, criminal justice and social service systems and traffic, among other areas.

According to the project proposal, it would eventually have as many as 3,000 slot machines, 5,500 parking spaces, a 200-room hotel, restaurants and bars. But John Maier, a tribal attorney at the hearing, indicated the first phase of the development would not include the hotel.

The bill under discussion, AB 517 (Hall-D Compton), has been given an "urgency" status to accommodate Station Casinos' funding efforts. If passed, it would go into effect immediately. If the bill had non-urgency status, it wouldn't go into effect until January 2013.

There will be a second hearing before an Assembly committee Wednesday. The bill needs a two thirds vote of the full legislature to become law.

Stop Graton Casino May 02, 2012 at 02:38 PM
The 2010 Annual report of the Illinois State Gaming Board stated that as between 2002 and 2010, 7,946 gambling addicts had signed up for the state's "self-exclusion The program helps gambling addicts by giving them the ability to ban themselves from Illinois casinos. " The program has seen “ incremental increases in the number of enrollees since the program was implemented (in 2002)”. In 2010, there were 6,900 casino jobs in Illinois. (By the way, these poor people often wind up back in the casinos anyway. When they do, anything they win is "donated" to the state's self-exclusion program. In 2010, these people had "donated" $923,860 - just under $1 Million) I think we can all do the math. Our we can hide our heads in the sand and say, “It can’t happen here”. Remember, despite what the casino proponents say about a bright, Utopian future created by the casino, "No one in the history of mankind has ever developed or operated a casino out of a burning desire to improve the lot of humanity." -Chuck Gardner, Former Nevada Deputy Attorney General
Jennifer May 03, 2012 at 05:03 PM
The citizens of California have been duped. The original intiative allowed gambling on reservations. Later, the federal law was changed to allow the tribes to put a casino anywhere. Californians did not vote for this. The water is a real issue that has not been addressed. This casino is drilling two 600 foot wells and will suck the aquifer dry. It is not if but when. The surrounding land owners voicing serious concerns were told at the Sacramento meeting to go talk to their supervisor. Huh? The tribe's compact is between it and the United States and mediated by Gov. Brown. What other project goes in like this? None. I disagree with the casino's "we are good neighbors" line. Of course we need jobs but is this the best we can do? I disagree.


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