Accumulated Rain Water Causes Roof Collapse at Goodwill Store

No injuries reported in Thursday morning accident, but thousands of dollars worth of damage

Firefighters are reminding residents to have roof drains installed after a roof collapse at the Goodwill store responders say was caused by standing water.

No one was injured in the collapse, but the damage is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars and the collapsed area measuring some 1,800 square feet. The incident occurred shortly before 11am Thursday in the warehouse portion of the store and did not impact the retail operations. 

Fire crews accessed the roof and found several roof drains plugged with debris resulting in large amounts of standing water. The crews cleared the drains to prevent further roof failures in other areas of the building.  

The Petaluma store will remain open, but all items in the warehouse are being moved to Santa Rosa and other locations. Meanwhile Anne Martin, vice president of retail and operations for the thrift goods retailer is asking the public for donations to make up for those lost.


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