Cyclist Injured in Hit and Run

Twenty-three-year-old cyclist suffers facial injury when car hits him from behind


Petaluma police are searching for the driver of a car that struck a cyclist at the corner of East Washington and Lakeville Thursday evening.

The accident occurred around 9:15pm when a car hit the back tire of the bicycle and caused the 23-year-old cyclist to lose control. The car then continued driving, while the cyclist suffered non-life threatening facial injuries.

He was treated at Kaiser in Santa Rosa and released. (He doesn't have insurance, according to the victim's friends.) The suspect vehicle is described as a dark-colored, four-door sedan. Anyone who may have witnessed the accident is asked to contact the Petaluma Police Officer Mario Giomi at 778-4372.

Bradford A Morris December 09, 2012 at 01:35 AM
I like to say I am glad the cyclist is safe. Did he have a helmit on? Did he have lights so he can be seen in a dark setting? So many people say the poor cyclist. If I hit a cyclist I would stop but it would make me very upset and feel uneasy driving close to another cyclist again. Who figured riding foot peddled bike to compete or keep up with a motor vehicle was a good idea? Our roads are getting smaller everyday due to smaller cars and more added lanes and parking. I stop riding a motorcycle after seeing how dangerous it was for me and how I made it tuff or others. So when you choose to ride a bike be ready for an accident as it is just a matter of time. Your competing with car or truck. I would not compete with a bull or train or car or tuck! The peoson who took off - I hope they get you and you pay the price! That was really wrong!


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