Alex Jones Detained and Forced to Remove Shoes at Austin Airport

The radio host who is heard nightly on Santa Cruz's KSCO-AM (1080) rants on national TV after his arrest. If you've never heard him, watch the above video. It's all you need to know.

You can think of many nighttime commercial radio talk show hosts the way you think of snake oil salesmen in the old West.

They'll say anything and promise anything to make a buck.

Alex Jones is the latest in a line of radio con artists who are, like prehistoric lizards, crawling toward the main stream. Read about his arrest here.

Catch his rant on Piers Morgan here.

Remember when people thought no one could take Rush Limbaugh seriously? Now, he's a voice for the Republican party, who spent one birthday in the Oval Office with George W. Bush.

How about Michael Savage, a man who claimed that no women or minority rescue workers were killed in 9/11 and banned from entering Great Britain because of his hate talk? He's one of the most-listened to hosts in the U.S.

Jones, who began his career claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, is heading toward the big time. Santa Cruz's radio station was one of the first in the country to pick him up outside his native Texas.

He tells listeners that the government is poisoning them with "chem trails," which most sane people refer to as clouds or airplane con trails. He claims airport searches are the first step toward the government rounding people up and putting them in detention camps.

He does commercials for agricultural seeds and food storage programs, like they did back in the days of bomb shelters, claiming that the government is imminently going to take away people's rights to grow their own food and we are soon doomed for breadlines like in the Soviet Union.

"Is it better to be six months early or a day late?" he asks.

Michael Zwerling, owner of KSCO, started with Jones on a trial basis and then took him off the air. He got so many responses, he put him back full time.

Zwerling also brings Limbaugh to Santa Cruz every morning, an example of opposites attracting: the conservative host in the most liberal city in the country has a following, although his popularity can't be documented because the owner doesn't pay to subscribe to radio ratings services.

Above all, Zwerling likes controversy.

Read Jone's website here, where he now claims that armed mafia were following him after his show.

He's heard weeknights 7:30-10 p.m. on KSCO.

All of Jones's stations are here.

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Susan January 09, 2013 at 06:22 PM
John Stewart: “Now I get it, now I see what’s happening. Their paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our actual dystopic present.” We can’t do anything about reality, he added, "because a few of us must remain vigilant against the rise of imaginary Hitler.” Video: "Jon Stewart Destroys The Right On Gun Control: We Can’t Do Anything Because You Fear ‘Imaginary Hitler’" http://www.mediaite.com/tv/jon-stewart-destroys-the-right-on-gun-control-we-cant-do-anything-because-you-fear-imaginary-hitler/


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