OPINION: Davies Is the Right Choice for Petaluma

Jason Davies has worked tirelessly to protect Shollenberger Park and has lent his business experience as a member of the the city's Tech Committee.

I’m voting for Jason Davies for Petaluma Council because he has demonstrated his dedication to Petaluma. He was the fourth vote getter in last year’s election and should rightfully been appointed to serve, but was passed over for the interim appointment. This wasn’t fair but it  didn’t make Jason give up on Petaluma.

Instead he worked even harder for Petaluma’s future by serving as Chair of the Tech Committee and spent the year helping to find  opportunities to expand Petaluma’s marketing strategy with  his on-line know-how.

Jason has worked tirelessly to preserve and protect Shollenberger Park and stop the Dutra asphalt factory from blighting our gateway and fowling our air. Shollenberger is an amazing asset for the marketing of Petaluma as a tourist destination and a location for green companies.

Jason as an experienced marketer knows where to put his efforts and he has attended every Save Shollenberger fundraiser and county hearing. Jason also created and lugged to a County hearing on Dutra a technically accurate noise demonstration, complete with speakers and sound meters, to demonstrate to the board of supervisors why the noise of the trucks and factory would ruin the park experience.

He also set up a webcam to give us all a view online of nesting egrets and herons – all on his own time while working fulltime as a marketing director and also as an involved father of two kids.  

Jason is willing to donate his time and talent to Petaluma to bring us into the 21st century as a stellar and thriving community. When someone like Jason Davies  offers this gift to his community, I say let’s take it and say “Thank You.”

Vote for Jason Davies.

Joan Cooper is the founder Biobotoms, Inc. and a Petaluma resident.


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