Elderly Petaluma Woman Scammed Out of $3,000

The woman was contacted by a man who claimed to her grandson. He asked for money to be wired to Mexico, according to police.

A Petaluma resident was recently scammed out of $3,000.

Petaluma Police said the elderly woman was contacted by phone by the suspect, who claimed to be her grandson. The suspect reportedly told the woman he was involved in a traffic accident with a Mexican diplomat and that she needed to wire money to Mexico to pay for damages so he could be released, police said.

The women sent two separate money wire transfers totaling almost $3,000, according to the report. She later found it was not her grandson and that she had been scammed.

Police said that this was the same exact scam that was used on a Petaluma elderly victim last month. 

Petaluma Police encouraged residents to call if they receive any type of suspicious calls.

"Family members of senior citizens should also make sure to educate their elderly parents or relatives and take steps to protect their finances," police said. 
Ken Wilson February 12, 2014 at 11:51 AM
The exact same thing happened to my Mother in Law in San Mateo. Same story, same amount of money! We need to get the information out to the elderly for sure!!


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