Man Found With 100+ Pieces of Stolen Mail

An investigation at the scene of a collision nets stolen mail from all over Sonoma County

A Petaluma man was found with more than 100 pieces of stolen mail from all over the county after getting into a car accident early Tuesday morning.

Jason G. Williams, 41, was driving in the 1500 block of Baywood Drive around 4:30am Tuesday when he struck four cars. Firefighters arrived on the scene to treat Williams, who suffered a laceration to his head, when they noticed that he was acting suspiciously.

When asked why he was so nervous, Williams said he was worried because fire inspectors were looking inside his car and that there was “mail.” After obtaining consent and searching Williams’ car, police found mail from all over Sonoma County that the suspect said he purchased from someone for $200. They also found

Police also found a fraudulently obtained VISA card on Williams that they say he used to set up a fake bank account. Petaluma Police and the US Postal Inspector are working to return the mail to the proper owners. Williams was arrested on charges of mail theft and possession of stolen property and transported to the Sonoma County Jail.


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