Petaluma PD Celebrates Promotion of Corporal Ron Klein to Police Sergeant

By Matthew B. Stapleton, Lieutenant, Special Operations 

The Petaluma Police Department is proud to announce Corporal Ron Klein has been promoted to Police Sergeant effective May 12. 

Petaluma Police Sergeant Ron Klein started his career with the Petaluma Police Department in April, 2001. Sergeant Klein quickly developed a solid reputation as a dedicated and tactically sound police officer during his first several years as a police officer.

Sergeant Klein’s accomplishments as a police officer earned him a transfer to the Traffic Unit in 2005. Sergeant Klein served 7 years as a motorcycle officer assigned to the Petaluma Police Department’s Traffic Unit.

While assigned to the Traffic Unit, Sergeant Klein demonstrated remarkable leadership in his daily work and earned numerous commendations and honors. Sergeant Klein’s focus on DUI enforcement was formally recognized in 2010 by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Sergeant Klein was available and responded to all critical incident call-outs while assigned to traffic. He also played a crucial role in DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols and the Traffic Unit’s multiple offender program.

Sergeant Klein was selected as an Alive at 25 instructor while assigned to the traffic team and earned the 2009 Alive at 25 Instructor of the Year. Sergeant Klein developed the Petaluma Police Department’s in-house dual-purpose motorcycle training program and has remained a highly regarded in-house motorcycle trainer for many years.

His efforts contributed significantly toward the Petaluma Police Department’s recognition at both state and national levels as a premier Traffic Safety team. During this period, Sergeant Klein also served as a member of the Petaluma Police Department’s Hostage Negotiation Team.
Sergeant Klein has earned several nominations and commendations for excellence over the past three years.

He has served as president of the Petaluma Police Officer’s Association for several years and he has earned praise from supervisors and colleagues for his investigative talents and the exceptional compassion and respect that he delivers daily to the citizens that he serves.
Sergeant Klein earned a promotion to Corporal in April 2013 and served, with excellence, in this capacity until his promotion to Sergeant this month.

Sergeant Klein has been assigned to the patrol division where he will supervise a graveyard shift patrol team.

A private, departmental ceremony honoring Sergeant Klein’s accomplishment is pending. 


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