Petaluma PD Members, Volunteers Earn Awards for Exemplary Service & Dedication

The Petaluma Police Department this morning held an awards ceremony at the Lucchesi Center on North McDowell Boulevard, where Police Chief Patrick Williams recognized the outstanding accomplishments of 18 exceptional public servants. 

Lt. Dan Fish was presented with a certificate and a 25-year service pin.

Sergeant Andrew Urton was presented with a certificate and a 20-year service pin.

Petaluma Police Officer Deann Bailey, Petaluma Police Officer John Silva, Petaluma Police Officer Paul Gilman and Petaluma Records Assistant Lisa Vincak were all presented certificates and 15-year service pins.

Petaluma Police Officer Matt Frick and Petaluma Dispatcher Amy Cates earned certificates and 5-year pins. 

A special presentation was delivered to Petaluma Police Community Service Officer Clare Torina.

Officer Torina has served the citizens of Petaluma, with remarkable dedication, for over 30 years and Chief Williams spoke about the many commendations and specific examples of exceptional work that Officer Torina has been responsible for over the course of her long career.

Petaluma Police Sergeant Ron Klein presented Officer Torina with a separate award from the Petaluma Police Officer’s Association that recognized how much respect and admiration the members of the Petaluma Police Department have for Officer Torina, her work ethic, her commitment and her dedication to the Petaluma community. 

Perhaps the most valued presentation of all was delivered to many of our Petaluma Police Department volunteers.

Chief Williams and Sergeant Marlin Christensen proudly announced the recipients of this year’s Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. 

The Presidential Bronze Award, representing between 100 and 249 hours of volunteer service during the year, was presented to Petaluma PD volunteer Jean Brian, Larry Souza, Al U’ren and Bill Wasik.

The Presidential Silver Award, representing between 250 and 499 hours during the year, was presented to Tom Butler, Tim Harmon, Virginia Johnson, Jay Jones and Pat Wasik. 

Two of our volunteers, Al U’ren and Tom Butler, also earned lifetime achievement awards for their total lifetime volunteer hours.

Al U’ren has contributed more than 5200 hours and Tom Butler’s hours are in excess of 7400 hours. 

The Petaluma Police Department is extremely proud of the exceptional service that is delivered both to the members of the Petaluma Police Department and our community by our volunteers.

Any person interested in being a volunteer with the Petaluma Police Department is encouraged to contact Sergeant Marlin Christensen atmchristensen@ci.petaluma.ca.us or 707.778.4368.


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