Petaluma Police Proudly Announce Promotion of Sergeant Paul Gilman


The Petaluma Police Department is proud to announce the promotion of Corporal Paul Gilman to Police Sergeant. 

Sergeant Paul Gilman started his law enforcement career with the Petaluma Police Department on February 9, 1999.

As a police officer, Paul quickly developed a reputation for excellence with respect to his remarkable talent and dedication to duty.

Paul earned many commendations in the form of recognition by supervisors for outstanding work as a police officer as well as letters of praise from community members related to the manner in which Paul helped them through crisis.
Paul’s tactical skills, military training and commitment to physical fitness earned him a position on the department’s SWAT team very early in his career. Paul has remained a leader on the PPD SWAT Team since 2000.
Over the course of his 15 years of service, Paul has served as a Field Training Officer, a Recruit Training Officer at our local police academy and a Petaluma Police Department Defensive Tactics Instructor. 

In June, 2006, Paul was selected and assigned to the Petaluma Police Investigations Unit as a Detective. As a member of the Investigations Unit, Paul demonstrated superior leadership and played a crucial role in many significant and complex investigations.

Paul earned a Unit Citation Award for his role in a major multi-agency enforcement operation in 2006 and also helped lead his team to success in managing several complex homicide investigations as well as a variety of other critical felony investigations.
Paul was selected as the Petaluma Police Officer of the Year for 2011. His selection as Officer of the Year was not only a product of his unyielding commitment to the citizens of our community but also his ongoing commitment to our country.
As noted in a nomination prepared by PPD Sergeant Tara Salizzoni “Paul served at Camp David, as well as the 1st Battalion/7th Marines. It was during this time that Paul met Tyler Swisher, a fellow Marine.
"In 2011, Paul learned that Swisher had been killed in Iraq in 2005, leaving behind a wife and three children.

"Paul decided to band together with several other Marines that were friends with Swisher and form Always Brothers, a non-profit in which Paul is on the Board of Directors.
"They decided to do a 100 mile run to raise money for the Swisher family. The 100 mile run, which began at Camp David, was run by Paul and 12 other Marines. They raised $20,000.”

Paul’s ongoing commitment to Always Brothers continues to this day.
Paul is a Petaluma resident and has two children, Colin (13) and Corrine (8).
Sergeant Paul Gilman was assigned to his new swing shift patrol team on March 18 and Petaluma Police Department personnel celebrated his promotion at a department promotion ceremony last week.


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