Police Investigating Blazen Theft of Donation Collection

Family and friends were raising money for owner of Blue Sky Veterinary Hospital, whose son died last month in Peru.

A woman stole an estimated $2,000 in donated cash and checks from a Rohnert Park veterinary clinic, money being raised to help a family whose son died last month after ingesting a hallucinogenic brew in the Amazonian jungle.

Police are looking for a woman who entered the Blue Sky Veterinary Hospital Thursday morning and took a donation box friends of the owner had set up to help pay the family’s expenses.

The suspect is described as in her 50’s, with a slender build and no upper teeth and a “weathered” face. She had brown collar length hair and was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. Anyone who may have seen a person matching this description is being asked to call Rohnert Park Police at 707-584-2600.

Blue Sky is owned by Ingeborg Oswald, whose son Kyle Nolan died in August after traveling to Peru attend a 10-day workshop aimed at increasing awareness. There he participated in a traditional ayahuasca ceremony, which involved drinking a hallucinogenic tea, and was found dead the following morning.

A shaman who led the ceremony initially denied that Nolan died, instead saying that “he left with his luggage.” But after local authorities questioned him, the shaman led police to Nolan’s body, which had been buried in the forest.

Nolan lived in Sebastopol, but his mother has owned a veterinary clinic for more than a decade in Rohnert Park, where Kyle’s death shocked the community. Even more shocking was the brazen theft of the donations, said Lt. Jeff Taylor, a spokesman for Rohnert Park’s office of public safety.

“This is not just a grand theft, it’s pulling on the heart strings of the owner,” Taylor said. “I compare it to a theft of church donations.”

On Friday, police were continuing to investigate the theft by reviewing security camera footage of nearby stores and waiting for the results of finger prints picked up at the scene of the crime.


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