Small Grass Fire in Petaluma Possibly Linked to Kids' Fireworks

Spent fireworks might have caused a small grass fire on the edge of Petaluma Friday evening, according to fire and city officials.

The grass fire at Norfolk and Lennox drives was reported at 5:15 p.m.

The fire was spreading at a moderate speed but firefighters were able to hold it to somewhere over 2 acres, according to Battalion Chief Phil Sutsos.

A witness saw four juveniles running from the area and pointed them out. Officials detained the juveniles for questioning and found material that could have been spent fireworks in the area, but could not be certain that they cause the fire.

The juveniles were released without charge and the fire's cause remains under investigation, Sutsos said.

Officials said the fire should serve as a "wake up call" for residents setting off fireworks.

"When we sell fireworks we are playing with fire and eventually we will suffer the consequences with a serious loss of property and perhaps life," said Mayor David Glass.

--Bay City News


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