Santa Rosa Garage Sale Ad on Craigslist Leads to Arrest After Victim Recognizes His Stolen Stuff

Sonoma deputies said two truckloads of stolen goods, plus stolen firearms and an illegal assault rifle were seized at the sale.

Deputies arrested a man Sunday morning at a mobile home park near Santa Rosa after he attempted to sell property stolen from a Novato storage facility at a garage sale that he advertised on Craigslist, Sonoma County sheriff's deputies said.

At about 8:20 a.m., sheriff's deputies were dispatched to 3455 Santa Rosa Ave. at Rancho Santa Rosa mobile home park in unincorporated Sonoma County regarding an investigation into stolen property.

A Novato resident reported that he had recently been the victim of a burglary when his belongings were stolen from his storage unit at the Novato Self Storage facility, deputies said.

The victim told deputies he was looking on Craigslist Sunday and found an advertisement for a garage sale in Santa Rosa. He noticed several photos of his property that had been stolen from his storage unit in Novato in the posting, deputies said.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the garage sale location and contacted the suspect, identified as 30-year-old Santa Rosa resident Ross Hoon.

Hoon was armed with a handgun when deputies approached him.

A search of Hoon's property and residence revealed stolen property.

Deputies said approximately two pick-up truckloads worth of stolen goods were seized. Several stolen firearms and an illegal assault rifle were also seized from Hoon, deputies said.

Hoon admitted that he had conducted the burglaries and that he was selling stolen property at the garage sale. Hoon told deputies that he had formerly been an employee at the storage unit facility in Novato.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Hoon for possession of stolen property, possession of an assault weapon, being armed in the commission of a felony and for carrying a concealed firearm.

The Marin County Sheriff's Office is also following up on the burglary investigation in Novato.
--Bay City News
Rosa S. June 09, 2014 at 06:34 PM
Glad to hear that the Sherif department is actually followed up and helped catch this thief. Several years ago I was robed at my house while I was home alone. Twelve hours later one Sherif came and was annoyed when I asked him to dust for the full set of finger prints left behind on a set of glass plates. He told me that I watched too much tv and proceeded to ruin the prints. The robber had stolen my cell phone and had called 23 times in 14 hours to one phone number/address in Rohnert Park. I asked the Sherif to look into that address as I had allot of very valuable things stollen. He didn't write down any of the things stollen and said to send a list of the items to his email address and handed me his card. When I did just that, he wrote back and said that everything sounded like sentimental stuff and he wasn't going to bother with it. He told me that there were much more important things for the Sherif to do than to follow up on my robbery. I was appalled and when I tried to speak to someone higher up they told me at the office that they didn't know who that officer was. Really?
Diane June 14, 2014 at 11:56 AM
People seem to be getting stupider and stupider.
Ken Lewis June 15, 2014 at 10:37 PM
Rosa, I kow how you feel. Recently I had a vehicle vandalized 3 times in a row over a 5 day period. They had completely destroyed the vehicle. While filing my report the deputy acted like I was asking him for more than what I pay taxes for. While he was there I gave him a hot tip on a neighbor that continuely has a flow of dogs being brought and removed by her son who raises pit bull dogs for fighting. One day when her son arrived to pick up one of the seven dogs he had left at her house I over heard him say to his mother. "look just pick one of the dogs I don't give a F_@# which one I use. Then he told her just go in the house and you won't see which one I take. He loaded up a German Shephard in his vehicle and drove away". Over the next several weeks he came and took away another German Shepard, a collie and several other mixed breed large dogs. I told the officer I had suspicions they were useing these poor animals for BAIT dogs to train his fighting Pit Bulls. The cop told me it was not his job to look into things like that and that I should just report the neighbor and her son to animal control. When I persisted on him doing a follow up on this potential sickening crime he gave me a disgusting look like I was annoying him and said OK already I'll make a note of it and took out a small tablet from his pocket and wrote on it "DOGS" and that was all he ever did. It's been almost two months now and the costant flow of dogs coming and disappearing continues to go on. I would report the neighbor to animal control except for if you do they will tell her I filed the complaint and I don't need that problem with her family that have a long list of violent crimes they have committed. I just grind my teeth each time I see that sign on a local police car that reads "To Protect and Serve".
Ken Briggs June 15, 2014 at 11:50 PM
so have the scum pay top dollar for the stuff, just why is he a ex employ at the storage place for ?
Rosa S. June 24, 2014 at 08:33 PM
Ken, Sorry to hear your story. So wrong in so many ways. I regret not following through with my situation. I was really overwhelmed at the time and just dropped the ball which is not like me to do that. I think that they are banking on us just letting it slide. I sympathize with you and I get the not wanting to have any repercussions. Good luck with your situation. Sadly it's let to luck. Shouldn't be like that.


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