Coordinated Traffic Signals Result in Better Flow, Say City Engineers

Say improvements have resulted in faster travel times and reductions in gasoline usage


Traffic flow along Petaluma’s main arteries is improving as a result of coordinated traffic signals, the Argus Courier is reporting.

Starting in 2010, the city has been adjusting streetlights along Lakeville Street, McDowell Boulevard and Petaluma Boulevard, using grants from the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

As a result of the improvements, motorists now make a third of the stops along those streets, moving 12 percent faster, according to the story. It also translates into using less gasoline.

Additional traffic signal coordination will also take place on East Washington Street between downtown and Sonoma Mountain Parkway and along Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

To read more, read Argus’s article here.


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