Is Your House in the Flood Zone?

Public meeting scheduled for Aug. 21 to discuss new FEMA maps and how the changes impact you.

Do you live in a flood-prone area?

If so, you don't want to miss a community meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21 to discuss the redrawn FEMA flood maps and how the changes impact you. 

Take a look at the proposed Draft Flood Insurance Rate maps for Petaluma

Some homes in along Payran Drive continue to be in the flood plain and several downtown areas have been addded, which means they are now required to have flood insurance.

Additionally, Plaza North and South shopping centers are now mostly in the flood plain designations, along with some homes south of the Adobe Creek Golf Club and and some homes near Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

See how the maps have changed here

The new map is still preliminary and has not yet been officially adopted. Petaluma officials encourage residents and business owners to review the proposed flood map to learn about local flood risk and identify any concerns or questions about the information provided.

Then starting next month, property owners whose homes are in the flood plain will be able to submit appeals and comments. 

The August 21 meeting will be held 6-8pm at the Lucchesi Community Center.

David Keller August 15, 2012 at 09:28 PM
The large number of homes and businesses that are newly predicted by FEMA to flood in a "1% storm event" (= 1% chance in any year that these flood levels will be equaled or exceeded) represents a profound failure by our previous city councils and the county to protect them from the added runoff from new construction upstream over the past 25 years since the last mapping. Every new square foot of impermeable streets, parking lots and roofs has added enough water to increase flood levels downstream. The Corps of Engineers told us clearly that failure to prevent additional runoff will eventually lead to increasing failures of the just completed Petaluma River Flood Project. We have a long history of flooding in the Petaluma Valley, yet we've continually allowed construction of vulnerable buildings while we've allowed more and more water to come downstream. Enough! We need council members and county supervisors who understand this, and are willing to take the tough stands to prevent additional downstream runoff and increased stormwater flows. They also need to work to reverse the local history of mistakes: stop building in flood plains; stop additions to stormwater runoff ("zero-net increase in storm water runoff") throughout the basin; and, preserve and increase the flood storage capacity of Denman Flats and the Petaluma River flood plains. Any takers, council candidates?
Barry Bussewitz August 16, 2012 at 04:05 PM
I surely agree that “we need council members and county supervisors who . . . are willing to take the tough stands” to protect the real interests of Petaluma. In Council testimony about making an exception to permit lighted billboards along the freeway for Regency, Council Member Healy said: “the exemptions have swallowed the rule.” He then proceeded to vote for another exemption. This seems like the attitude of the current majority on the Council when they failed simply to approve the Planning Commission’s near-unanimous denial of an inadequate EIR for Deer Creek. At least four officials now running for Council have positions on the Council or the Planning Commission in which they have established voting records that can be examined for their willingness to protect our homes, our streets and the character of our community.
Barry Bussewitz August 16, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Patch, thanks for posting the map! It's much easier to study online than it was at the Planning Commission meeting this week! Very helpful!


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