Supervisor Zane to Perform Valentine's Day Weddings

County Supervisor Shirlee Zane to perform Valentine’s Day Weddings as new state law allows sitting county supervisors to perform ceremonies


Want to get married on Valentine's Day? Give the civil ceremony a little extra glow by having a Sonoma County Supervisor do the duty.

Thanks to Senate Bill 991, which became law on the first day of 2013, sitting County Supervisors are now permitted to solemnize marriage ceremonies as part of their official duties, if they have undergone appropriate training.

So Supervisor Shirlee Zane will be working at the Clerk’s Office performing wedding ceremonies on the most coveted wedding day of all, Valentine’s Day - at least in the afternoon on Thursday, Feb. 14.

 “Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love," Zane commented in a statement from the County press office. "It is an incredible honor to be able to support loving couples who seek the sanctity of matrimony."

Only Supervisor Zane and Supervisor David Rabbitt are currently authorized to perform the ceremonies, as they both received the special training in January once the law was signed last year. Training was provided by the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor's Office.

To make it a festive celebration for couples choosing to get married on Valentine’s Day, staff decorates the office and wedding ceremony areas with a Valentine’s Day theme.

A couple must have an appointment with the Clerk’s Office for a ceremony. Although Zane is only scheduled to perform the ceremony in the afternoon, the Clerk’s Office offers appointments for wedding ceremonies all day. Interested couples can call 707-565-3800 to schedule a ceremony.


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