Patch Readers Thank Local Teachers

Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Have you thanked a teacher lately?


A great teacher makes a lifelong impact.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, celebrated today, we asked Petaluma Patch readers to remember their favorite teachers and what made them so great.

Here’s what you had to say:

Caron Castagnetta nominated Marie Rodnick, a leadership and theologu teacher at St. Vincent High School who also organizes school retreats. She is “dedicated, hard working and a positive example for all her students,” wrote Castagnetta. “I am amazed that she even gives her cell phone number to students so they can reach her after hours!

Lorrie Van Caster-Fike wanted to make sure former Two Rock Elementary School teacher Celeste Hall was recognized for her work preparing hundreds of sixth graders for middle school and beyond.

“She made our transition to high school easier due to the things she taught us,” she wrote.

For Laurie Osbourne, two local teachers stood out: Patty Fleming, kindergarten teacher “extraordinaire” at La Tercera Elementary and Siobhan Wilde,  who she called a “super sixth grade teacher” at Dunham Elementary. 

A big thank you for all Petaluma teachers for your work!

Have another local teacher you want to give a shout out to? Tell us who they are and why they are/were a great teacher in the comments below.

Darris May 07, 2013 at 08:02 PM
There isn't enough space to say all that I want about the teachers my son has had at Petaluma High School (PHS). I loved the Twin Hills district in Sebastopol & was concerned when my son transferred to PHS freshman year. The PHS teachers that stand out in my mind are: Kylee Cecchini/Am. Literature, Jennie Lounibus/World History, Victor Brazil/Physical Science, Fred Brunton/Auto, Jeff Dunn/Welding, Doug Cox/Math, Jill Fahy/Photography, and Brian Granados/US History. These teachers have taught my son discipline, perseverance, compassion, art and life skills he will carry throughout his life. Thank you to all teachers for all you give to our kids. PHS teachers rock!!
Regina Leoni May 08, 2013 at 05:59 AM
With the exception of kindergarten (Hi Mrs. R.C.!) I spent all of my grammar and high school years at St. Vincent's. Looking back; with four years of college and three years of law school under my belt, I can say without hesitation that the education I received at St. Vincent's laid the foundation for success in academics and in my personal life. My teachers at St. Vincent Elementary provided rigorous instruction in the basics of grammar, mathematics, spelling, science, history, and theology. This solid educational bedrock gave me self-discipline and intellectual curiosity. Susan Roffman, Donna Piezzi, Roseanne Ercolini, Joanne Schloetter, Kirsten List, Chris Giaccometti, Gladys Gramling, Diane Benjamin, Helen Dias, and Mrs. Dalton were all very dedicated teachers. Some of them probably deserve a medal for enduring me--I was a precocious child. St. Vincent High School is home to a staff of highly dedicated, passionate instructors who have a vested interested in seeing their students excel. Darvin DeShazer's insistence on timeliness taught me that punctuality is a virtue. Janet Donovan, Colleen West, Mary Fitzgerald, and Anne Marie Insull introduced me to great books and taught me how to write. Ed. Marcoux patiently explained algebra to me, and Mike O'Toole met with me before school to tutor me for the AP History exam. The rigors of Mr. Kavanaugh's Western Civ class steeled me for law school, as did Mr. Gonzales's Speech and Debate class.
John.Maher May 08, 2013 at 05:25 PM
A well-rounded education includes music instruction in the schools. God bless the music teacher! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJYChF4sHjY


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