Teen Lit...For and By Teens

This week, budding 8th grade novelists read from their works

Last November, Kenilworth Junior High teacher Laura Bradley tried an experiment in her 8th grade classroom.

She scrapped all homework, classwork and quizzes and instead talked to her students about what makes a good novel, plot and character development.

Then, Bradley told them to start wrting. 

Starting Tuesday, Bradley's students will read from their completed works at Copperfield's Books and discuss what they learned in the process. 

Some of the books are available for sale on Amazon. Check them out here.

The project is part of the National Novel Writing Month, an online campaign started by a Berkeley writer meant to encourage current and would-be novelists.

Readings will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Copperfield's Books, 140 Kentucky St., starting 7pm.


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