Anne Greenblatt
Community volunteer
I am working with a group of community volunteers to establish the Village Network of Petaluma as a non-profit, community membership organization to enable adults over age 50 to live active, vibrant, and connected lives in our own homes as we age. Villages are member-driven, and primarily supported by fees from their members. Think relationships, collaboration, sharing, support in navigating systems, and peace of mind.
The Village model is a way of life, not a place. It has been successful in almost 100 other communities in the U.S., and we are drawing from their experiences. Members call one number for resource referral, home visits and check-ins, medical advocacy, minor household repairs, social events, transportation, and opportunities to share one's special talents within the Village. The Petaluma group meets from noon to 1:30 on the third Wednesday of every month at the PEP Housing office. Email me for more info: apgreen@sonic.net
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