Barbara Gray, Beauty-Weaver
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Barbara Gray, Beauty-Weaver is a Certified Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Minister, Ceremonialist, and Teacher with a healing practice in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, California. She offers workshops in Shamanism and Ancient Wisdom throughout the Bay Area. An amazing seer, intuitive & healer with over 15 years’ experience and extensive training, she uses her gifts to offer guidance, insight, and energy healing. She offers a unique blend of healing modalities through her allies in non-physical form, forms of energy cultivation, healing sound, healing touch, voice, and inspirational guidance--unique to each client and each session. In workshops and in private sessions, Barbara offers a potent healing environment for inviting in new energies to activate deep cellular shifts, and for you to access your own wisdom and healing at the deepest levels.
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