Mark Mathews
Four years in the United States Naval Sea Cadets, followed by twenty one years active duty in the United States Navy; my service taught me what "International Communism" looks like, and since retiring, have been fighting its domestic brother, the modern post-1968 democrat party and its own socialst marxist utopians, the Occupy bowel movement, and any group using a Che Guevara flag.
I am a current Patron Member of the National Rifle Association (and its' state affiliate California Rifle and Pistol Association), where I fight politicians who continue to water down and in many cases, attemtp the erradiation of my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in my God given right to defend  myself and family. I am currently a contractor who is a technical instructor with the Department of Homeland Security. I own a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe with a small block V8 which I run on each and every Spare the Air Day, as well as the V8 302 in my 1975 SeaSwirl pleasure boat, just to spite those unelected enviornmental facists of the California Air Resources Board. I also mow my lawns on Spare the Air Days, when I can...  
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